Epson EP-805AR Adjustment Program

  • Epson EP-805AR Service Required Solution Application Software Adjustment Program

    Some of the problems of the printer are solved through a small software. One of the problems is- Error , General Error, End Of Life ,Service is required, All Light Blinking Ect. Epson Maintenance Reset Utility is a Powerful Application For solution to this problem. 

    Epson EP-805AR Adjustment Program Instruction For Working Mode

    • Turn On Your Printer and Connect USB cable 
    • Download  The Adjustment Program For Your Printer Model
    • Extract file From Adjustment Program Folder 
    • Open Adjustment Program Then - Accept 
    • Click Particular Adjustment mode
    • Click Waste ink pad counter   Then Click- OK  Button
    • Give check box Main Pad Counter and FL Box Counter  Button
    • Click Check – Then Click OK  Button
    • Click Initialization –Then Click OK Button
    • Finish and then close adjustment program 
    • Turn off printer and then turn on back.
    • Solve Your Problem . . . . . . . . . . 

    Bellow Feature Reset Utility Adjustment Program:

    Two Option Are Avaiable This Reset Utility :
    1. Sequential Adjustment Mode
    2. Periculer adjustment Mode

    #Sequential Adjustment Mode:

    • Usb Cover,Duplex Unit,Decoration Plate Etc 

    #Periculer adjustment Mode:

    • Adjustment Option:
    • EEPROM Data Copy
    • Initial Setting
    • Initial  PF /EJ decoriotion offset
    • Disable PF / EJ decoriotion offset
    • PE Decorator Confirmation
    • PF belt Step Confirmation
    • Head ID input
    • PF /EJ Adjustment
    • PW adjustment
    • Head angular adjustment
    • Bi-D adjustment
    • PF band adjustment
    • PE adjustment
    • Paper Skew Adjustment
    • Cr motor Heat Protection Control
    • PF motor Heat Protection Control
    #Maintenance Mode:
    • Head Cleaning
    • Ink Charge
    • Waste ink pad counter
    • Shiping Setting
    • Appendix Mode:
    • Final check pattern print
    • EEPROM Dump
    • Printer information Check
    • Paper Feed Test

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